Stagnone Kitesurf si trova nel cuore della riserva naturale de Lo Stagnone di Marsala (Trapani), a pochi minuti dall’aeroporto di Trapani – Birgi. C’est-à-dire dans la seule zone du spot ou vous pouvez trouver des restaurants, des toilettes, et de l’animation. A place most notoriously known for its rugged coastline, smooth olive oil, mafia and of course that iconic scene from The Godfather. Lo Stagnone è raggiungibile facilmente da Palermo ed è a pochi minuti dall’aeroporto di Trapani (Birgi). The kite itself? .qtranxs_flag_de{background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;} Sicily Lo Stagnone Kitesurfing 2017 Tom. Lo Stagnone, the most attended lagoon by Kiters in Europe Our Kite Spot in Sicily, in the Stagnone lagoon of Marsala, oriented Nature Reserve, it’s one of the paradises of world Kite, characterized by shallow waters, constant wind and breathtaking scenery .fusion-title.fusion-title-center .title-heading-center{padding:0 0px;} ECOLE DE KITE SICILE STAGNONE MARSALA L’École de Kitesurf se trouve dans la Lagune de Stagnone à Marsala en Sicile un cadre magnifique : Un vent constant 300 jours par an. .qtranxs_flag_de{background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;} Donna Franca. Vous planifiez vos vacances et souhaitez ne penser qu’à vos prochaines évolutions? Le Kitesurf lo Stagnone assure un service de location de voitures. Il corso base dura 6 ore e fornisce le basi per praticare il Kitesurfing in sicurezza fino ad arrivare alle tue prime planate. La nostra scuola offre inoltre il noleggio dell’attrezzatura da Kitesurf e la possibilità di spedire la tua attrezzature da kite e surf direttamente da noi. With an area of 2012 hectares is a very nice environment to be preserved and enhanced. COURS DE KITESURF; LOCATION; LO STAGNONE; Kite Shop; Hébergement; Blog ; Contacts; Sélectionner une page. We have a windsurf school in the bay of Lo Stagnone in Sicily. LA SICILIA E MARSALA SONO PIÙ VICINE DI QUELLO CHE TI ASPETTI! You are one step away from figuring it out. Spot de kitesurf Lo stagnone-Marsala (hébergements, vidéos, classements, contributions)... Tweeter. Together with Italian PRO rider Alby Rondina we are now happy to share our passion with you. Le lezioni di Kiteboarding sono suddivisibili in base alle tue esigenze e ai tuoi orari e sono rigorosamente 1 ad 1, ovvero tu, un istruttore di kite personale certificato ed una vela; questo per poterti garantire la migliore qualità nell’insegnamento e conseguentemente nell’apprendimento del Kitesurfing. Lo Stagnone Kitesurf Resort is located directly in the center of the lagoon, in the natural reserve “Isole delle Stagnone”, it is between Marsala and Trapani. The school offer beginner courses to advanced kite lessons (all max 2 people /group), equipment rental and advanced radio lessons. img#wpstats{display:none} html:not( .jetpack-lazy-images-js-enabled ) .jetpack-lazy-image{display:none;} Déplier le menu. Wind is blowing all year long! .fusion-header-v2 .fusion-header, .fusion-header-v3 .fusion-header, .fusion-header-v4 .fusion-header, .fusion-header-v5 .fusion-header{border-bottom-color:#e5e5e5;margin-top:-26px;} Affitto Attrezzature - Ricevi subito la conferma. Réservez dès maintenant ! Lo Stagnone is a unique place in Europe and will give you the kite experience you have always searched for. The price includes kite, board, harness, wetsuit, and radio helmet! Le lezioni si terranno presso la nostra scuola nella magnifica cornice naturale dello Stagnone di Marsala (Trapani) dove ci sono le condizioni ottimali per imparare il kitesurfing: acqua piatta e bassa, con vento per 300 giorni all’anno! There is a parking lot, W-Lan, kitchen and balcony. STAGNONE KITESURF: SCUOLA KITESURF MARSALA, SICILIA, KITESURF STAGNONE: CORSI DI KITESURF MARSALA SICILIA. [:it] Vous pourrez rider en kitesurf en toute tranquillité dans ce lieu unique. Accueil / Italie - Sicile / Lo Stagnone / Donna Franca. .qtranxs_flag_it{background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;} It is a Quiet area surrounded by nature in between the vineyards, the sea, the salt pans, and the windmills. Un service de navette aéroport est assuré moyennant des frais supplémentaires. Kitesurf Lo Stagnone Lagoon is the perfect place. Toutes les chambres offrent une kitchenette et une télévision. Courses will be held in the spot of the wonderful view of the Lagoon of Marsala Lo Stagnone (Trapani), where there are ideal conditions (flat water and low wind always present 300 days a year). .qtranxs_flag_fr{background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;} Séjour kitesurf à Lo Stagnone pour les rideurs autonomes. Lo Stagnone is a lagoon located at the western end of Sicily, between the cities of Trapani and Marsala. Optez pour la découverte de la Sicile pour votre prochain séjour kite. Then read on… Lo Stagnone is one of the Europe’s most upcoming kite destinations and there are more then few reasons for it! This spot is popular throughout Europe as one of the main destinations for all kitesurf lovers. The gigantic shallow water lagoon close to Marsala in Sicily is one of the largest flat-water playgrounds for kitesurfing in Europe. Da Palermo puoi prendere un’autobus per Birgi oppure arrivare in auto seguendo la direzione per Marsala, uscendo a Trapani Birgi. Lo Stagnone un spot de kite totalement flat avec des eaux peu profondes, situé à l’extrémité ouest de la Sicile, entre lagune, marais salants et les terres historiques siciliennes. No group lessons: the course starts with you and it ends when you want it. Here are few of them: Wind conditions: There is no season in Sicily! Between Kite session and another take advantage of the Bar: Wi-Fi zone, Tanning beds, hammocks, Kite refreshment area, Aperitifs at sunset or just a cold beer between a Kite lesson  and another, Toilets with disabled access, showers, a convenient supervised and secure parking and the largest launch – landing Kitesurf area: more than 1000 square meters,  the bigger of the entire lagoon of the Stagnone, almost forgot: your 4-legged friends are welcome, we love pets! Goditi un drink o una birra ghiacciata al tramonto tra una lezione di Kitesurfing ed un’altra. [:de] Découvrez ce nouveau spot pour votre prochain stage kitesurf en Sicile. wind salt and Kitesurf. Situated at the westernmost part of Sicily, the Stagnone lagoon is located in an unspoilt nature reserve and is notoriously known for the shallow flat water, constant winds and year-long high temperatures. welcome to kitesurfing school in sicily Huge shallow and flat water lagoon Lo Stagnone is unspoiled natural reservation, perfect to learn and enjoy kiteboarding. In the absence of wind, the kitesurf course can be done in other top spots like: Capo Feto (Mazara), Pozzitello, Palermo Mondello and Salinelle. Torre Lupa est une résidence au style méditerranéen situé dans la réserve naturelle de Lo Stagnone. This will make your progress easier and safer. The bottom is either mud or mostly seagrass and it’s fine to walk around in. Donna Franca. Let groped by adrenaline wind , from relaxing by the beautiful sunsets of Sicily and from the tastes of the kitchen of our land. Carmelo Alessi2020-09-22T10:37:42+00:00giugno 5th, 2020|0 Comments, Carmelo Alessi2020-08-28T17:32:03+00:00maggio 19th, 2020|0 Comments, Carmelo Alessi2020-03-06T10:31:37+00:00marzo 6th, 2020|0 Comments. Consultez de véritables avis clients sur l'établissement Kitesurf lo Stagnone ainsi que les dernières informations sur les tarifs et disponibilités. Also renting Kite surfing equipment . Accommodation at Lo Stagnone We offer a range of different accommodations so there is something for everyone. Kitesurfen Lo Stagnone. .qtranxs_flag_ru{background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;} La Sicile est l'un des meilleurs endroits pour pratiquer le kitesurf. The locals are kind, friendly, and the food is delicious, villas can be found to rent for reasonable prices too. Lo Stagnone wind for kitesurfing this spring. Carmelo Alessi2018-11-08T09:50:14+00:00September 23rd, 2016|0 Comments, Carmelo Alessi2016-12-05T17:25:55+00:00May 14th, 2016|0 Comments, Carmelo Alessi2016-12-05T17:25:55+00:00April 11th, 2016|0 Comments. Since 1999 Notre base dispose d’un compresseur et d’un beachboy à votre disposition. .qtranxs_flag_en{background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;} Prévisions locales du vent sur: Windfinder, Windguru, Windy. .fusion-page-title-bar{border-color:#d2d3d4;background-image:url(//;background-color:#006699;background-size:cover;height:550px;-webkit-background-size:cover;-moz-background-size:cover;-ms-background-size:cover;display:none;-o-background-size:cover;} Stagnone Kitesurf is located in the heart of the natural reserve of the Lagoon of Marsala Lo Stagnone (Trapani), you can reach us from Italy or Europe flying to Trapani (TPS) airport with Ryanair we are close to the airport or from Palermo taking the Highway to Birgi Airport in less than an hour by car. [:] All our kitesurfing courses are made with the best materials: Core Kiteboarding, Slingshot kite, Best kiteboarding, North kite, Duotone kiteboarding, Cabrinha kite. We offer complete packages for weekend or wonderful long holidays in villas or B&B just few steps from the spot and at unbeatable prices. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. [:ru] Taking Kitesurf Lessons in Lo Stagnone, Sicily is a great experience. .fusion-header-v2 .fusion-header, .fusion-header-v3 .fusion-header, .fusion-header-v4 .fusion-header, .fusion-header-v5 .fusion-header{border-bottom-color:#e5e5e5;margin-top:-26px;} Perfect to learn and enjoy kiteboarding. In mancanza di vento il corso di kiteboarding può essere effettuato in altri top spot come: Capo Feto (Mazara), Pozzitello, Palermo Mondello e Salinelle. Le attrezzature sono controllate giornalmente e rinnovate ogni anno per offrirti sempre il massimo della performance e della sicurezza. .homepage-template-page-template-100-width{color:#ffffff;} Lo Stagnone di Marsala is one of the best spots all around Europe for any kind of kitesurfer. Musée du sel d'Ettore e Infersa est à quelques minutes. Italie - Sicile / Lo stagnone-Marsala Europe. Puoi raggiungerci con, con voli datutta Italia e dall’Europa, oppure da Palermo volando con. The Lo Stagnone lagoon is one of the best place for kitesurfers beginners and advanced riders in Sicily. Case Vacanza B&B. (avis clients kitesurf … Never heard about Lo Stagnone, upcoming kite spot in Sicily?! Cet hébergement vous offre une magnifique vue sur les salines. Kiteboarding in Lo Stagnone, a recipe for perfection Ahhh, Sicily; the half eaten pizza like shaped island on the south-west of Italy’s “boot”. Lo Stagnone of Marsala will wake up your senses! Overview; Good to know; Getting there; Overview. The family atmosphere and personal care have always been our top priorities. SPOT DE KITESURF LO STAGNONE – BASE KITE LAB . What is the worst enemy of a beginner kitesurfer? Instructor FIV: ID 271793 Cell: +39 3807193438, KITESURFING LO STAGNONE : THE SCHOOL FOR YOUR KITETRAVEL. Notre avis sur le spot kitesurf de Lo Stagnone en Sicile Situé au coeur de la réserve de Marsala, le lagon de Lo Stagnone (entre les villes de Marsala et Trapani à l'ouest de la Sicile ) s'entend à perte de vue et offre de nombreuses possibilités. We love Kitesurfing and we teach it with passion and stunning professionalism. Rivolgiti alla nostra scuola per un corso di kitesurf IKO. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of equipment and help you set up and give you tips. ... How to Kitesurf: Jumping, Part 1: small jumps, medium jumps & mistakes - Duration: 6:21. .qtranxs_flag_fr{background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;} Organizziamo inoltre Kite Camp anche in inverno. Leggi i giudizi dei clienti. Kitesurf Sicile: des paysages magnifiques, un spot immense et exceptionnel sur la réserve de Lo Stagnone, un hébergement au bord de l'eau et une expérience gastronomique unique. .qtranxs_flag_it{background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;} Potrai quindi uscire in acqua a fare kitesurfing indipendentemente dalle condizioni del vento e della tua corporatura. body{margin-top:-22px;} 840 € Plus d'infos. I nostri istruttori e  beach assistants saranno sempre a tua disposizione per armare il kite, per il lancio e l’atterraggio della vela. KITESURF SICILY, Marsala. Une mer peut profonde et sans vagues, des conditions parfaites pour apprendre le Kitesurf en quelques heures. Hai bisogno di maggiori informazioni sui nostri corsi e servizi? Potrai inoltre noleggiare o spedire la tua attrezzatura da kite comodamente da casa. Stagnone Kitesurf si trova nel cuore della riserva naturale de Lo Stagnone di Marsala (Trapani), a pochi minuti dall’aeroporto di Trapani – Birgi. Menu . Spot summary - Lo Stagnone, Italy Kite and enjoy “La Dolce Vita”. Torre Loopa Kite Zone is in the heart of the natural reserve of the lagoon of Marsala in Lo Stagnone. No matter if you are just starting or you are already an experienced rider, Marsala will not disappoint you! Lo Stagnone est une lagune située à l’extrémité ouest de la Sicile, entre les villes de Trapani et de Marsala. Even we’ll provide assistance after the  Kitesurf course on your way to be perfectly independent. Kitelab est une école de kitesurf franco-polonaise fondée en 2018 sur le lagon de Lo Stagnone en Sicile. 14° 13° 15° 17° 20° 24° 27° 28° 25° 22° 18° 15° octobre à avril. [:en] You will notice not only the magnificence of our lagoon, but with a simple kitesurfing course you will enter a parallel world with a different philosophy where you will find people who love sports and nature just like you! LO STAGNONE is an unspoiled Nature reserve with a steady wind. . On the first day, you will learn how the kite flies, the wind directions, and the wind window. BOOK . (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-69820953-1', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview'); Stagnone Kitesurf è una scuola di kitesurf a Marsala nel cuore della riserva naturale dello Stagnone, il kite spot per eccellenza in Sicilia. Le stagnone de Marsala est le spot de kite par excellence en Sicile et en Italie. Les équipements. There’s always a reason to come and visit! .admin-bar{position:inherit !important;top:auto !important;} Stagnone Kitesurf ASD ti offre le migliori condizioni per praticare ed imparare il kiteboarding. Hébergement. The beginner kitesurf course in the lagoon of Lo Stagnone is going to give you all the skills and knowledge to get up on the board in no time. In diesem Kurs wirst du alle Kenntnisse erlernen, um auf dem Board zu fahren. Sicily Kite School est l’école de Kitesurf la plus ancienne de Stagnone. Plus fort que les statistiques (thermique en été) / combinaison en hiver. Ils disposent d’une sur la mer, le lac ou le jardin. [:en] La webcam dello Stagnone riprende l'incredibile spettacolo naturalistico e del Kitesurf, qui ogni anno tanti sportivi si radunano per "volare sull'acqua". Choisissez votre club + d'infos sur le spot; Italie - Sicile : Voir tous les spots; Devis sur mesure. KiteLab école de kitesurf And the evenings can end wonderfully with a delicious barbecue in the barbecue corner. The Stagnone Kite Apartment is located in the beautiful Residence Bella Vista just 5 km from Trapani Airport. Depending on whether you prefer to live alone, as a couple, family, whole group or ASSISTANCE AFTER THE KITESURF COURSE, STAGNONE KITESURF IS A FAMILY , YOU’LL BE A MEMBER. Nelle acque di questa laguna marsalese appaiono i resti di un insediamento punico. The amazing shallow water there gives you the optimal place to practice kitesurf. 8 jours / 7 nuits . Centro Internazionale IKO Prenota un corso Kitesurf allo Stagnone. Lo Stagnone isn’t tidal, although the height of the water does fluctuate slightly depending on wind direction. NOUS CONTACTER. LONG SEASON - … Stagnone Kitesurf è una scuola di kitesurf a Marsala nel cuore della riserva naturale dello Stagnone, il kite spot per eccellenza in Sicilia. Choose our kitesurf school with the IKO basic course. prévisions WindGuru. La Réserve Naturelle de Stagnone orienté ou vulgairement seulement Stagnone est l’un des paradis pour le Kitesurf italien Avec une superficie de 2012 hectares est un environnement très agréable d’être préservée et renforcée. Stagnone Kitesurf è la scuola riferimento in Sicilia ed in Italia per i tuoi corsi di kitesurf allo Stagnone di Marsala: ti trverai a fare kite tra le saline, i mulini, le isolette della laguna e tramonti incredibili, in totale sicurezza, grazie alle acque calme, piatte e di bassa profondità. The course lasts 6 hours and provides the basis for practicing Kitesurfing up to your first rides . Un service de navette aéroport est assuré moyennant des frais supplémentaires. Panifica con noi il tuo prossimo kite trip! .fusion-title.fusion-title-center .title-heading-center{padding:0 0px;} Level Up's courses have different durations that can be done in 2 or 3 days. A cosy get-together and the physical well-being is of course also well taken care of. Apprendre à faire du kitesurf n’a jamais été aussi simple. Stagnone Kitesurf: Kitesurf cours et Kite Ecole de Kitesurf au le Stagnone de Marsala Sicile le spot plus beau en Italie. } No worries about getting in someone’s way! Sono inoltre a tua disposizione: toilets con accesso disabili, doccia all’aperto, un comodo parcheggio recintato e sicuro, e una zona di lancio e atterraggio kite di 1500 mq, la più ampia dell’intera laguna dello Stagnone. Come in Sicily and find out why Lo Stagnone is the most coveted spot by Kiters from all over Europe. We believe in safety-first and in quality before quantity! Just minutes from Trapani and less than an hour from Palermo . Lo Stagnone di Marsala is one of the best spots all around Europe for any kind of kitesurfer. The most reliable @epicgust .fusion-page-title-bar{border-color:#d2d3d4;background-image:url(//;background-color:#006699;background-size:cover;height:550px;-webkit-background-size:cover;-moz-background-size:cover;-ms-background-size:cover;display:none;-o-background-size:cover;} Vous séjournerez à 22 km de Trapani et à 41 km de Favignana. A dream for its windy and flat waters. [:] Cette région viticole est relativement oubliée par les touristes qui se concentrent principalement dans la partie Est (Etna, Syracuse, Taormine) et sur les plages du sud de l’île. À 1h de route il y a le spot de Puzzitedu qui est un spot de vagues et qui fonctionne bien avec les orientations Sud. body{margin-top:-22px;} The lagoon is surrounded by an island – so you can’t get lost. Nous sommes situés dans la partie centrale du spot de kite de Lo Stagnone. Nachdem du die Aufbau- und Sicherheitssysteme kennengelernt hast, lernst du, wie du den Kite im Wasser steuern kannst. .admin-bar{position:inherit !important;top:auto !important;} Am ersten Tag lernst du, wie der Kite fliegt, die Windrichtungen und Wissen über das Windfenster. Da Palermo puoi prendere un’autobus per Birgi oppure arrivare in auto seguendo la direzione per Marsala, uscendo a Trapani Birgi. Le kite à Lo Stagnone est a portée de tous les niveaux, que vous soyez débutant ou autonome. La région propice au kite est à l’ouest de la Sicile, du côté de Marsala. When you start, you can easily adjust your kite and board from a standing position. Regarde le magnifique lagon avec ce plan d'eau plat. Furthermore All Instructors Are Iko And Fiv Qualified. Lo Stagnone kite spot guide. It's Hided Into Stagnone Lagoon Of Marsala , Thanks To Its Unique Conditions Such As Swallow And Ultra Flat Water You'll Find Best Conditions To Learn And Practice Kitesurf. Noleggio attrezzatura kitesurf,imbarco bagaglio sportivo o altro. Kitesurf lo Stagnone - Marsala - 10 photos, 19 avis d'utilisateurs. SCEGLI LA NOSTRA SCUOLA PER IMPARARE IL KITESURFING AL MEGLIO. In the training we like to use helmets with radio technology, which makes a faster progress possible according to experience. Apprendre le kitesurf à Marsala. Diffida da sedicenti istruttori, itineranti o improvvisati: la storia della nostra scuola kite ed i feedback che riceviamo sono il nostro migliore biglietto da visita. One of the main appeals for all levels of rider is that it’s standing depth all the way across with a soft, silty bottom and there are reeds close to the shore that make the water seem even flatter. Unspoiled nature The Stagnone reserve offers a … A pochi minuti da Trapani e poca distanza Palermo. [:de] The lagoon is surrounded by an island – so you can’t get lost. Compila questo modulo e ti ricontatteremo al più presto! - Kitesurf lo Stagnone, Marsala - description, photos, équipements. [:fr] Terminato il corso ti resteremo vicini per il tuo percorso verso la completa indipendenza. Centro Internazionale IKO Prenota un corso Kitesurf allo Stagnone. img#wpstats{display:none} html:not( .jetpack-lazy-images-js-enabled ) .jetpack-lazy-image{display:none;}